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Breathwork Solutions

"Breathe Prepared"

Emotional Regulation and Anxiety Relief in minutes

Breathe Prepared

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Why Breathwork?

Discovering that it only takes a few minutes can be surprising many people. This realization can help them use my breathwork techniques during times of anxiety or when they feel triggered, giving them the power to regain control over their emotions.


If you need further support, I can help you prioritize and take action on areas of your life that interfere with your holistic well-being through guided journaling. This will help you identify ways to eliminate stress and focus on living the lifestyle you want.


Contact me for a free Clarity Call to try it for yourself.

Meet Shalina Litt, your Breathwork Mentor

I have had the pleasure of delivering Breathwork in one to one's,, groups, and retreats.  I have seen dramatic impacts in Holistic Well Being and Work Productivity making it a quick and easy solution to the demands of everyday life. I look forward to showing you how.

Absolutely brilliant and effective breathwork exersises. I find myself doing them daily, when I am on the go! Shalina's breathwork tips help me to stay centered, even on my busy days. Would definitely recommend

K.Dottie (Singer/Songwriter)

Free Wellbeing Resources

Emotions is a word which means 'Energy in motion', and when you are triggered by something or someone it is a crucial time to respond correctly to safeguard your Mental Health and Wellbeing from the varied repercussions or outcomes that can occur if you don't.  I understand this urgency and want to help.  


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