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Breathwork Solutions

"Breathe Prepared"
Why Breathwork?

                                    Welcome to Breathwork Solutions

At Breathwork Solutions, we believe in the transformative power of mindful breathing to alleviate anxiety and enhance emotional regulation. Our comprehensive services not only empower you to improve your own well-being but also equip you with the skills to support others in their journey towards mental and emotional health.

Explore our exclusive ZEN SPACE range, featuring the Breathwork Pendant, Mini Diffuser, and Essential Oils designed to promote restful sleep, relieve anxiety, and boost energy.


Take advantage of our special discounts on your first session and enjoy a free Clarity call to get started.

Meet Shalina Litt, your Breathwork Mentor

I have had the pleasure of delivering Breathwork in one to one's,, groups, and retreats.  I have seen dramatic impacts in Holistic Well Being and Work Productivity making it a quick and easy solution to the demands of everyday life. I look forward to showing you how.

Emotional Regulation and Anxiety Relief in minutes

Breathe Prepared