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A litte bit about me!

When Covid-19 struck, I was a divorced single mother working as a KG Coordinator in Kuwait. My responsibilities included helping other teachers transition their students to online learning while also managing my own children's education. This was a stressful time, but I found solace in living near the beach and discovering a Breathwork Mentor who was practicing Qi Gong. I expressed my interest in his practice and thus began my journey.

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My Story

In all reality I was in a very dark place, but nobody would have known it.  I smiled and played the role of someone living their best life, but behind it all I was crumbling.  One of the hardest things about Covid meant I couldn't escape to the mall, or gym or party my stress away.  I was very much stuck with the very dark thoughts that paraded in my head.  In the past I had tried everything from counselling to all the other tricks in the book but to no avail nothing worked.  

I was astounded at how little I had to tell my breathwork mentor about my life.  I was amazed that just by taking time out to breathe and be still I began to loose weight and grew more and more comfortable about the voices in my headspace.  

When I returned to England I shared this very story with friends and family who eagerly asked me to share the technique.  Quickly I was invited to deliver a session for Birmingham City Counil.  I was really greatful for my peace of mind and welcomed the opportunity to share this freedom at every given chance which is what I do today.  


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